Our Initiatives

‘G17 is a global fellowship initiated by the Road to Rights youth-led organization with its ultimate vision to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development within the university community. Therefore, this will be on progress up until 2030 under the decade of action where every year G17 will recognize 17 young Ambassadors to go through an experiential leadership program with its various activities.

G17 is dedicated towards empowering national as well as international undergraduates on knowledge and skills to become effective agents of change and the next generation of young professionals to make SDGs a reality through its four pillars: Capacity Building, Leadership, Policy Advocacy, and Action. We also believe that this will be an impetus to empower undergraduates to prioritize SDGs in their lifestyles, behaviours, education and professional career.

KIDS4SDGs is a platform to educate children about Sustainable Development Goals. It is understood that in the early childhood period that children develop their basic values, attitudes and habits, which may be long lasting. Therefore engaging children on SDGs is important to develop values and it will be a great investment for our future as well.

Gamata Technology is an Accelerator platform which supports the Technology experts, Youth entrepreneurs in rural areas who lack opportunities, within an entrepreneurial environment that encourages collaboration, fosters job creation and provides connections to local & International resources. Furthermore it is about exploring ways to create equity between rural and urban communities in the pursuit of a more sustainable future. Empowerment of citizens in rural areas will lead to harness digital technology in villages which will support the government and educational services for an overall economic development of the country and better living of the society.

Research Symposium provides a forum for the exchange of cutting-edge research and policy studies on Sustainable Development Goals in Sri Lanka. Further this Symposium will bring together a broad group of leading social scientists from universities,prominent think tanks and young academics who will assess the progress of SDGs in Sri Lanka. From this we look forward to contributing largely to the research aspect of SDGs in Sri Lanka.